Quality control

Tom-Ferr Zrt established the mechanical laboratory for testing mechanical and technological suitability of steel pipes for cutting. Testing is carried out using the shredder of the ZD 40 type. Results of tests are entered to the computer system.

Tension tests

Tension tests are carried out according to MSZ EN 10002-1; 2001 standard up to a diameter of 40 mm by tearing in the pipe.

Compression tests

Compression tests are carried out according to MSZ EN 8492-2004 standard, expansion test are carried out according to MSZ EN 8493-2004 standard to ascertain, whether the pipes intended for the automotive industry meet the requirements for shaping.

Accuracy of our tests

In several cases these test must be conducted under stricter conditions than those prescribed in the standard, because the degree of pipe shaping requires it.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2001

Tom-Ferr Zrt. has introduced the Quality Management System documented according to ISO 9001/2001 standard for the entire area of its activities in order to meet increasing requirements of the customers, to obtain their trust, reliability, controllability and ability to monitor the manufacturing and trading processes. This system was audited by TÜV Rheinland Inter Cert in 2003. Its suitability according to audit has been confirmed by certificate No. 75.100 8418 issued by TÜV Rheinland Inter Cert that should be renewed by 2009.

MSZ 28001:2008 (BS OHSAS 18001:2007)

Quality certificate for customers

Business activity of Tom-Ferr Zrt. consists of distribution of steel-metallurgical products from import and according to the requirements for cutting steel pipes with a great accuracy. These products are imported from partners in each case in compliance with requirements of the standards for products and with separate regulations required by us.  The partners – suppliers confirm by their signatures compliance of the products with certificates according to EN 10204 Standard. Tom-Ferr Zrt. will issue the quality certificate for the products stating the data on original quality certificate. In case of customer’s request, Tom-Ferr Zrt. also ensures a photocopy of the quality certificate.

Quality control of received products

The Quality Control Department of Tom-Ferr Zrt will in each case determined the goods for receiving as the imported goods.

In addition to receiving the imported goods, Tom-Ferr Zrt. has also introduced, due to continuously increasing sales for the automotive industry, quality control during manufacture, which falls in the quality control under separate standardisation.

Technological testing of steel pipes for the automotive industry

Even this process of control has contributed to the fact that Tom-Ferr Zrt. has available the shredder of the ZD 40 type, by which the prescribed mechanical and technological tests of steel pipes intended for the automotive industry are carried out. This inspection process will ensure for Tom-Ferr Zrt. to be a reliable partner for the suppliers of the automotive industry, and to obtain increasingly larger share in this market.