The tube production line, by the help of a high frequency welding machine, enables the making of longitudinally welded steel tubes. The feeding of the horizontal accumulator by the slitted coil is followed by a forming of the coil on a rolling line. After it the welding takes place followed by an inner and outer weld seam removal which helps to reach the desired homogeneous internal and external surface of the product. The quality check of the tubes is ensured by a non-destructive eddy current test in real time. The cut-to-length tubes are organised into bundles and stored in the warehouse by the help of an automatic packaging machine. The communication between the production units and the entire production flow corresponds to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Parameters of Produced Tubes 
  Outside diameter Wall thickness Length Quality Standard
Produced Tube 19,1 – 76,1 mm 0.8 mm – 3.6 mm 4 – 8 m E195 CR1/CR2  S2 /S3,  

E220 CR1/CR2  S2 /S3,  

E370 CR2 S3

(DP 600) based on agreement




EN 10 305-3  EN 10 219-1    EN 10 217-1