On the 18th September 2008 we had the official opening ceremony of our new production plant in Tata. We had invited all of our seeded partners, customers and suppliers. Mr. József Michl, mayor of Tata and Mr. dr. Pal Völner, chairman of general assembly Komárom – Esztergom county were our guest beside the managment of TOM FERR Zrt.

Mr. Oszkár Laczkó, general manager mentioned in his speach, that he would like, that city Tata and TOM FERR would write the next 150 years history together in the region. The first step of this was, that TOM – FERR decided to built its new production plant in the industrial park of Tata, at the highway M1, to produce automotive parts from tube materials. The main reason of this dicision was the logistical and geografical localisation of Tata, because most performer of the automotive industry are in the surrounding area. Mr. Laczkó also mentioned the plans for the future. The new plant will use new production processes as well (bending, pressing, punching). With the free capacity the company would like to serve the new demands by new investments. The number of the employees can increase also with the new investments from the current 70 persons to the 150 until the end of next year.

The owner of the company returned thanks to the employees, the attendants of the investment and last but not least to the business partners. Mr. József Michl and Mr. Pál Völner wished success for all the employees of the new plant in Tata. After they together cut across the national coloured band and officially opened the plant in Tata.